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Company Profile
Welcome To.... Aadhar Temple of Traditional Taste
Hospitality that Fills the Heart

Aadhar has a philosophy that is pure in its simplicity
“Atithi devo Bhava”
The Guest is God.

The food, ambience and service all derive their quality and excellence from this unwavering and uncompromising belief and attitude.
This is seen, felt and experienced in the ambience, taste and fulfillment in every Aadharatom.
Because our belief is our Aadhar.

The Promoter Creators
An invitation To Dreams
Aadhar is an extended dream from the promoters who have been involved in path breaking thematic hospitality ventures like Vishalla and Rajvadu. With the catering project at the Sterile Hospital, Ahmedabad, Govindbhai Patel has raised quality, hygiene and nutrition aspects of a food business to a higher pedestal. Continuing this legacy
Their magnificent vision and vast experience in interior design, ambience creation and hospitality management have been poured into the creation of its latest project.
Aadhar is a special dream.
One that invites you to share , enjoy and experience it for exciting sensations and memories.


A Temple of Hospitality
On reaching the Top floor of the contemporary expanse of Iscon Arcade, Ahmedabad, spread over 20,000 sq.ft., Aadhar is designed like a palatial Rajasthani Haveli around a posh open square, exuding an aristocratic ambience that gloves with exotic elegance.
Aadhar has several sections for serving different requirements of its customers. From small intimate family groups to larger celebrations to formal conference and lavish weddings.
A compact temple that embodies the spirit of divinity, a visually delightful mist fountain that also cools the environment, a stylish dome fountain that enriches and enlightens the right ambience are other important landmark that decorate the ‘Aadhar’ ambience.
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