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Best Restaurant

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For taste hungry connoisseurs, Aadhar offers an exciting journey into the true taste of Indian’s rich cuisine range. It is the first to present the unique ‘Bhartiya Thali’ with exotic and authentic Indian food fare.

The ingredients and cooking techniques at Aadhar ensure that even thought the food is rich in taste, it does not harm the health. Fatty oils and hasty cooking are carefully avoided to cater to the special needs of the diet conscious and senior citizens.

Delicious, fresh and wholesome Dhokla, Patra and other traditional Gujarati, Rajasthani, South Indian and Fusion snacks provide a lighter attractive menu. Modern and innovative dishes that tickle the palate are also available for those with a developed continental preference that revive memories and relive travel experiences.
Special menus that interest the exploring and expanding taste buds of children are a special additional feature.
To share these joys with family and friends in your own homes, Aadhar also packs these snacks.

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